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 Saturday, August 18, 2018 09:10 

Cocktail “Rio Rita


Lips CD 023
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E.Denisov's “The steamer is sailing past the harbour“ was particularly written for a humorous concert which was held at the Russian Academy of Music, Gnessin, on April 1st, 1987. It is a phantasy on topics of popular Soviet songs oft he 30s of the 20th century, written in tonal form, presenting subtle humour and refined compositional techniques. This oeuvre allows the audience quite well to detect how the author is making fun of the pathetic, but bright melodies of that time.

A.Piazzolla's concerto “Aconcagua“ is one of the few oeuvres of the great Argentinean in a long form. The Aconcagua is the world's highest volcano in South America that has become extinct. Its altitude of about 7000 m marks the highest spot of the American continent. Without doubt, the composer's favourite rhythm, the Tango, prevails in the concert. Such as the Aconcagua is one of the world's highest summits, Piazzolla's concerto has to be counted among the greatest achievements of this composer.

T.Sergeyeva's bright and beautiful music, that is even spreading optimism, reminds you of a splendid bouquet whose flowers lure the listener with impressive colours. The titles speak for themselves: “Jasmin“, “Dark-red rose“, “Night flowers“.  “Amarillis“ belongs to this series presenting wonderful aromas.

It was my wish to adapt the concert-burlesque by A. Shurbin for a Unisono of accordionists. The simultane handling of the bellow shake and the ricochets by some accordionists sitting in one row seemed — to me — to be interesting and very effective on stage. This oeuvre proved to be so attractive that the composer also used it in other arrangements. He even did so later in the film “The Forest“.

One of P.Frosini's - the famous American accordionist of Italian origin - best known oeuvres reflects the style of North American musicians of the first half of it he 20th century extremely well. The idea for this arrangement comes from F.Lips and was well supported by all members of the ensemble.

There are numerous arrangements and transcriptions of the world's most famous tango “La Cumparsita“ by G.M.Rodriguez. This CD presents that masterly oeuvre in the arrangement by A.Piazzolla, which is not very well known.

E.Podgaits' Cocktail “Rio Rita“ is a quintet for violin, cello, accordeon, piano and percussion. It was written in 2008 and is dedicated to F.Lips for his jubilee as interpreter of the composer. Podgaits embarks on a musical journey of discovery in order to explore the connections of one of the most popular pieces of music of the 20th century - Rio Rita - to the music of classical composers and folk music. Cited in this oeuvre are:  P.I.Tchaykovsky: Old French Song, E.Grieg: Solveig’s song, J.S.Bach: Fugue c-minor fromWTC 1, J.S.Bach: Concert a-minor for violin and orchestra (1st movement), L.v.Beethoven: theme from the 1st movement of the 1st symphony, D.Kabalevsky: Serenade Don Quichote, A.Vivaldi: Concert a-minor for violin and orchestra  (1st movement), The Jewish folk song “Sholom Alejchem“. By the way, this cocktail begins with anograms of the composer's name — with the notes mi, fa, re, mi (EFREM).

Friedrich Lips

E.Denissow (1929-1996)  

“The steamer is sailing past the harbour“ Fantasy on themes of soviet songs of the 30ies (1987)

 A.Piazzolla (1921–1992)

Aconcagua (Concert for bandoneon and orchestra)

  1. Allegro marcato 8:05
  2.Moderato 6:21
  3.Presto 7:01
T.Sergeveva (*1951) Amarillis (2009)      7:43
A.Shurbin (*1945) Concert burlesque (1989) 3:09
P.Frosini (1885-1951) Jolly Caballero   2:27
G.M.Rodríguez (1897-1948)/A.Piazzolla La Cumparsita  3.47
E.Podgaits (*1949) Cocktail “Rio Rita (2008)  5:44
Total time   53:58

Friedrich Lips, bayan

Ensemble of percussion instruments, Mark Pekarski conductor (1)

Chamber orchestra of Gnessins Academy of Music, Timur Mynbayev, conductor, live recording from a concert at the Concert Hall of Gnessins Academy of Music on December, 5th 2007 (2)

Svjatoslav Lips, piano (1, 2, 3, 6, 7)

Unisono of Prof. Friedrich Lips’ class:  A.Kriklivy, Zsin Lin, I.Purits, Samgar, A.Shahtorina, S.Shmelkov (4, 5)

“Boyan“ – Orchestra, Dmitry Dmitrienko, conductor

live recording from a concert at the Concert Hall of Gnessins Academy of Music on March, 4th 2011 (6)

Vladislav Igolinsky, violin ; Kirill Rodin, cello ; Viktor Sych, percussions (7)            

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