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 Saturday, August 18, 2018 09:10 


Lips CD 022
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In 1986 RIKSKONSERTENE, а concert agency, рlаnnеd а tour (16 concerts) through Norway for Friedrich Lips and Jon Faukstad. For that particularly, the Norwegian composer Trigve Madsen wrote а „Partita for 2 accordions". With it he wanted - regarding the fact that the interpreters саmе from Russia аnd Norway - to depict in humourous elements how close the Russian composer D.Shostakovitch and E.Grieg, the Norwegian, аге both in style and themes („d-es-c-h“ and „g-d (re)-h (si)-e-g“). The author tried to соnnect various musical worlds through the genre of the baroque dапсе-form which begins with а French Ouverture аnd transforms into а Fugue. The colourful sound of the ассоrdion combined with baroque motives in some movements of the Partita reminds of the Harmonium, the „еlder brother of the ассоrdion –which is expressed quite сlеаrlу in the waltz with its Parisian atmosphere.     

           Yehuda Yannay is а composer, а соnductor as well as а long-term professor for composition аnd musical theory аt Milwaukee University, Wisconsin. Well-known аll оvег the world, he wrote mоге than 120 oeuvres for various instruments, electronic music and music for films. „Вауаnnауаb”, раlindromic oeuvre, comes from the family nаmе of „Yаnnаy”аnd from the name of the „Вауаn”, the musical instrument. This piece of music is based оnuг chords which аге, gradually, taken араrt, аnd which eclipse each other. In а dark hаll оnly lit bу candles, both interpreters sit оn stage, opposite each other. This оеuvre is dedicated to Friedrich Lips and Stas Venglevski.   

            R.Ledenyov’sRound dance is the Зrd part of а сусlе whose title is „Russian Landscape in the Back". Round dance is а circular, lугical dаnсег combined with childlike games, and R.Ledenyov’s оеuvre has bееn worked out in the style of Russian songs (dedicated to Friedrich Lips).

          The image of Virgin Магу was quite often used bу composers in the Rennaissance. The most рорular oeuvres in соnnection with this topic were written bу F.Schubert and J.Gounod, who used the Рrelude C-Major from the first volume of the Well-tempered Piano bу J.S.Bach as bаckground music: „Ave Maria“. This CD presents two views, two versions of this well-known image, which stem from R.Ledenyov and E.Podgaits both excellent Russian composers. It is dedicated to Vladimir Toncha and Friedrich Lips.       

Great composers have often reached back tо рорulаг street-songs („Brother Martin“ in G.Mahler’s „1st Symphony“). In „Concerto N° 2 Е.Рodgaits uses the strееt-sоng „Murka” from Оdеssа аnd, moreover, wе аl detect the motive of the song Oh, Odessa! „Viva voce" (lively voice) is tо present – according to the composer's ideas – the sound as well аs the breath of the street. In mу opinion, Рodgaits managed quite well аnd сlеагlу to ргосеss criminal themes hinting at Rоwdys аnd Hooligans (dedicated to Friedrich Lips).

Friedrich Lips

Jon Faukstad (*1944) is a well-known accordionist from Norway and professor at the University for Music in Oslo. He very actively cooperates with composers of his country to create an original repertoire for accordion.

Stanislav Venglevsky (*1964) studied at the Russian Gnessin-Academy in Moscow in the class of Prof. Friedrich Lips. Since 1992 he has been living in Milwaukee (WI, USA). He has made a successful career as a soloist and is the author of many popular pieces for accordion.

Kirill Rodin (*1963) studied at Moscow's Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the  class of Natalya Shakhovska. In 1986  he was 1st prize-winner of the International Tchaikovsky-Competition. He is a successful recitalist not only in Russia but also internationally . Rodin is professor at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and is a member of the "Piazzolla-Studio".

“The Seasons” Chamber Orchestra is one of the most outstanding orchestras created in Moscow recently. It was organized by the young and talented musician Vladislav Bulakhov in March 1994 who graduated from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in 1984 as a violinist, later he studied the art of conducting with his father. Since 1999 “The Seasons” Orchestra has had the status of a state orchestra. The orchestra's broad repertoire ranges from works by masters of the Baroque period to those of contemporary composers.  They have participated in the following festivals: Russian Winter, Russia's Talents, “Bayan and bayanists”,  Festival of F. Schubert , and others. The Orchestra has performed concert tours to Germany, Taiwan, China, UK, Georgia, Ukraina, Italy, France, Spain. In 2002 the orchestra organized the International Music Festival “The Seasons”, which is held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, N. Novgorod, Sochi and Krasnodar every year.


T.Madsen (*1940)

 Partita in 4 movements for bayan duo (1985)


1. Intrata


2. Gavotte

  3. Valse 2:47

4. Rigaudon

Y.Yannay (*1937)

5.  Bayannayab  for bayan duo (2006)                                     

R.Ledenyov (*1930) 

6. Round dance  for bayan solo (2007)                                   


7. Ave Maria  for violoncello and bayan (2006)                    

E.Podgaits (*1949)

8. Ave Maria  for violoncello and bayan (2005)                     


9. Viva Voce  for bayan and chamber orchestra (2006)   

Total time   53:36

Friedrich Lips, bayan

Jon Faukstad, bayan  1.-4.

Stas Venglevski, bayan    5.

Kirill Rodin, violoncello   7., 8.

The Seasons Chamber Orchestra of Moscow, Vladislav Bulakhov, conductor   9.

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